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The View From My Window

A couple of weeks ago I took four pictures of the beautiful view from our bedroom window.  Our autumn colors were late this year, probably because we had had a lot of rain.  The trees and the birds have been … Continue reading

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Cassie Starbright

About three weeks ago Cassie came to live with us.  She was a young adult from a rescue agency. Collar of Hope out of Bremerton, Wa.  I found her on a program called that my DIL suggested. The name … Continue reading

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Ode to Ayesha

It has been three days and it still hurts so badly.  I still look for her everywhere.  It is so hard to accept that she is gone.  But I am trying to remember the good times, and honor the sweet … Continue reading

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Our furry family members

Jim and I have 3 cats because we both have always had cats and love them.  Now we are told that pets make you live longer, a nice bonus.   Every cat has it’s own distinctive personality.  And it learns … Continue reading

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There she is!

Well, I took my dear husband in with me to help look for the missing feline.  I went through the routine of feeding a couple of hungry felines, little wild cats is what they are, but oh so sweet.  They … Continue reading

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Where’s Darhma?

I still can’t find Darhma, the Siamese of son Jim and wife Suzy.  She must have a marvelous hiding place.  There’s no odor so she must still be alive.  And the letter box is very full every day.  The Bengals … Continue reading

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Poor Doggie

In the news today we read about a dog who was found left in a car at the airport parking lot for three weeks.  Can you believe that?  The owner said it was an accident.  The dog actually survived but … Continue reading

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