Where’s Darhma?

I still can’t find Darhma, the Siamese of son Jim and wife Suzy.  She must have a marvelous hiding place.  There’s no odor so she must still be alive.  And the letter box is very full every day.  The Bengals both come flying to me when I come in to feed and pet them.  Now they are talking to me too.  They follow me in my search for Darhma, but they won’t tell me where she is.  I have to be carefull they don’t trip me as they circle around my legs as I walk. 
This segment is for my son and DDIL who with our daughter, are checking out Scandinavia and St Petersberg.  They worry about their babies.  Ha!  Those Bengals are each big enough for two normal sized Cats and maybe four of our tiny little blue point Balinese.
We both had dental appointments this afternoon, and now we each have to have an old deteriorating siver colored filling replaced.
The construction is so very slow.  Today nothing occured until late and then four men stood looking and then a couple of men rearranged their pile of supplies.  Ah well It has to end sometime I think.
I exchanged the mask for my CPAP because it hurt my nose and made it look like a cherry.  The new one worked great.  Yesterday and today I didn’t even need a nap. 
My favorite time of day is evening when I can lay in my bed with a sleeping sweetheart of 56 years sleeping beside me, kitties tucked around me, and read for a couple of hours.  Then I pray and tuck in for the night.
I hope you guys are having a wonderful time.  No message or pictures came in today.  Hugs.

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One Response to Where’s Darhma?

  1. JaAG says:

    Maybe we should prop the doors open upstairs that are not already. Dharma likes to hide in the shelves under the bed. Suzy is really worried about this.

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