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Who is your judge?

Another Sunday is almost over.  It’s been a long day.  The choir sang for the last time of this year.  We go to one service for the summer.  They hope those of us who like a traditional service will get … Continue reading

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There she is!

Well, I took my dear husband in with me to help look for the missing feline.  I went through the routine of feeding a couple of hungry felines, little wild cats is what they are, but oh so sweet.  They … Continue reading

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Where’s Darhma?

I still can’t find Darhma, the Siamese of son Jim and wife Suzy.  She must have a marvelous hiding place.  There’s no odor so she must still be alive.  And the letter box is very full every day.  The Bengals … Continue reading

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Pet Sitter Extroardinaire!

It’s another beautiful day in my Eden.  Sunday worship with choir was followed by an adult study using the movie, Rudi, as the springboard for determining when following your dream should be done and when not.  Now we want to … Continue reading

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Ah Saturday!

Saturday night already!  Time flies when you are having fun or are growing older.  Remember how they said children always brag about their age. Adults try to pretend they are youner.  Then people don’t want to tell their age.  But … Continue reading

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A day in the life

Today, I finally fot my CPAP machine.  It’s a loaner for a month and it has a gismo recording each night to be monitored by someone at the "getting Place".  I opted for the nose only mask so if it … Continue reading

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Susan Boyle

What a marvelous voice Susan has.  I was eager to hear more.  I don’t watch the program but got it on my computer.  Her voice brought tears to my eyes.  I hoped so much that this was just the beginning.  … Continue reading

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