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It was Easter morning after a week of many church services.  DH who was pastor of two mission churches, twenty five miles apart in Iowa, said he was so tired, he wondered how he could get through two more services.  I … Continue reading

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Poor Doggie

In the news today we read about a dog who was found left in a car at the airport parking lot for three weeks.  Can you believe that?  The owner said it was an accident.  The dog actually survived but … Continue reading

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A New Community

It was at Tullys early this morning.  I had to drive DH to his 6:30 men’s Bible Class because he wanted to carry his laptop computer along with his books so he didn’t want to walk.  We have to get … Continue reading

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New year’s day activities

I wish all of you and us a joyous and happily eventful 2009.  May you be blessed with good health, good friends, and pleasure in small things as well as large happenings.  May God smile on on us and our … Continue reading

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