It was Easter morning after a week of many church services.  DH who was pastor of two mission churches, twenty five miles apart in Iowa, said he was so tired, he wondered how he could get through two more services.  I sympathized but then an idea came to me.  When the two services were over we’d leave town for the rest of the day and the next day which was his day off.  He agreed.  I packed up for the five young ones and arranged to get some cash from our bank.  After the services we all got in the car and started on our trip to find "rest for Daddy".  I started driving on a highway to south of Des Moines, and then south into Missouri.  About four hours later we came to an intersection that had a motel.  I went in and aqrranged for a trailor home that the motel owned that would accomodate the seven of us.  DH went to bed in the far end bedroom,  and the children could watch television at the other end of the trailer and not disturb him.  I rememember that the youngest was about three years old and we made a snug little bed for him on the floor of a wide open closet.  This part of the trip went well.
The next morning after breakfast we started out again.  This time we had a mission to find the World’s largest Cottonwood tree which was advertized along the way.  I was driving  and there was a lot of traffic following the Easter weekend.  As I was going up a small hill , our middle child said, "Mom, I’m carsick".  I pulled over quickly to tend to him and as I did, a very fast moving car was speeding over the hill in my lane.  Had our son not said what he did, when he did, it would have been a head on accident.  We heaved a sigh over what almost happened and then I turned to our son.  He said he wasn’t carsick anymore.  And he wasn’t.
We continued on our trip which included a very long walk in a wooded area.  We did find the tree and took pictures.  Then we returned home by nightfall with no further problems.
Now, I ask you, "was this a miracle?  Were guardian angels watching over our family?  Or what else might have caused such a near miss?"  Once upon a time…….

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2 Responses to Miracle?

  1. Beth says:

    Definitely guardian angels were involved. I have 2 of my own that look out for me.Hugs, Beth

  2. closed down says:

    Hello Bertie, I\’m just passing through the this blog caught my eye. I definately think that this was a miracle and your guardian angels were watchig over you all. I have my space set to private, but it would be so nice if you came to visit my space. Just let me know if your want to have a look around and I\’ll let you in. Have a pleasant week. 🙂 Robyn

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