1936 ~ 0ur New Car

usIt was 1936. I was not quite four years old. Dad and Mom had purchased a brand new car, a pretty blue Ford. Our old Franklyn that someone had to turn a thingy in front well and run back, jump in the car, and try to start it, was traded in for a more modern car. So the day Dad was to go and pick it up at the dealership. He took Grandpa Dugger, Mom, Ellis and me to the San Diego Harbor so we could walk around and enjoy the scenic area. He would be back to pick us up with the new car soon.

I remember we were sitting on a bench waiting for him when he drove up. How exciting it was to have this pretty new car. Uncle Edgar had recommended Ford because he always thought it to be the best back in those days. We all got in and drove home. That memory has stayed in my heart all of these years because very soon after that Grandpa died. That is another story. But I have a picture of Ellis and me in front of that pretty new car. I am feeling nostalgic tonight so that is why I am telling this story. I remember how pretty the Harbor was, and how blue the skies, and the water. I remember the love of our family. So this is the story for tonight. I think you all need a sparkling day tomorrow so let’s order that.

God bless you all. Sleep with your angels. Hugs.


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