Poor Doggie

In the news today we read about a dog who was found left in a car at the airport parking lot for three weeks.  Can you believe that?  The owner said it was an accident.  The dog actually survived but no one can figure how as he had no food or water and the temperatures were around zero.  He lost half of his weight.  The police gave the owner a huge fine and they took the dog away from him.  Someone will nurse him back to health and find him a new home.  It really hurts to think anyone could be this cruel to an animal.  How could any owner not know his dog was in the car?  All the dogs I ever saw made their presence known at all times.

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3 Responses to Poor Doggie

  1. JoAnn says:

    Well, I sure don\’t believe the story the dog\’s owner told. I\’m with you on how could the owner not know! Have a wonderful weekend dear friend. Hugs

  2. Beth says:

    I think the owner should be left in a zero degree place for 3 weeks with no food and water and see how he fares. Have a great weekend Bertie!Hugs,Beth

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