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It happened one Christmas 2008

We have been snowed in for a very long time.  The news has finally admitted that this is the worst and longest storm in history.  We didn’t see any sun for over two weeks.  And every day we’d get 5 … Continue reading

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Christmas 1961

It was a long time ago in a town called Sigourney in Iowa.  My husband was the Presbyterian Pastor and we lived in the Manse.  Our five children were young and beautiful and I wished so much that we could … Continue reading

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A Day in the life….hospital fun

Today we went to the hospital for a day of tests that required I lay down from start to finish.  Since this was  set up yesterday by the Endocrinologist because both sets of tests before showed a very low adrenal … Continue reading

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A Christmas Favorite Song

Yesterday afternoon our church had a sing along and children’s pagent.  The last song is a favorite of mine.  The choir sings 2/3 of the song alone, but on the last third, the congregation joins in singing Silent Night.  I … Continue reading

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Ashland University Holiday Ecards

This goes around every Christmas and I love it.  You do  each thing it tells you and watch the beautiful picture change and then hear the Choir sing.  I hope you all will enjoy it too.  Ashland University Holiday Ecards

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Our local protectors- a true story

They were handsome and oh so nice, the three fireman running around our house at almost midnight.  They didn’t even wake my dear husband.  I didn’t call them at first as I didn’t want to bother anyone that late at night.  … Continue reading

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early or late- my proverb

It’s just an observation, but for me it is 100% true.  Did you ever notice that when you are late for an appointment, every traffic light is red.  But if you are early, every traffic light is green and you … Continue reading

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