It happened one Christmas 2008

We have been snowed in for a very long time.  The news has finally admitted that this is the worst and longest storm in history.  We didn’t see any sun for over two weeks.  And every day we’d get 5 or 6 more inches of snow over three inches of ece.  The temperatures never got over freezing.  On Tuesday before Xmas, Jim Jr. and Suzy called to ask if we needed anything.  I said yes, we were out of milk, juice, and food.  ( The Dairy truck couldn’t get into our neighborhood) Jim said they were in our neighborhood and would take me to the nearest grocery outlet which is about three blocks away.  He has a four wheel drive, but everything, and everyone slid around.  Suzy kept telling him to slow down though he wasn’t really going fast.  She and I feared for people who were trying to walk, and when a car starts to slide, it can’t control the slide.  He let Suzy and me off at the door, but I had trouble staying upright while returning to the car.
This is the first Christmas I have missed with two of my grandchildren.  That whole family had Dec. bithdays and we missed those too.  I have to admit that I was jealous of their friends who got to share their events as did the other grand parent who flew in before this all started.  But our Prius is a low car and the snow was much higher than the lower third of the car. 
Jim Jr. did come and pick us up along with his daughter and family so we did have a nice lunch with them on Christmas.  Suzy, Jim Jr., Josie and I had our Scrabble game.  I figued it was high time for me to win.  Well  I almost made it.  I had one vowel left and several places I could put it but Suzy used all of hers first.  I still would have won but we had to give her all the points left over and that put her over.  (sob!)   Oh, well.  It was nice to be with family.  And now we wait for a new year with a slate soon to be washed clean, and time to hope and dream for a vast improvement over the whole world.  Has there ever been a time in so much need of prayer and hope?
I wish you all joy in the coming year.

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One Response to It happened one Christmas 2008

  1. Beth says:

    Bertie, I am sorry you didn\’t get to enjoy Christmas as you wanted because of the snow. This winter has been crazy. Our thick coating of ice finally melted yesterday when we had a lot of rain and thunderstorms. I agree with you, the whole world needs prayer and a lot of it.

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