A Day in the life….hospital fun

Today we went to the hospital for a day of tests that required I lay down from start to finish.  Since this was  set up yesterday by the Endocrinologist because both sets of tests before showed a very low adrenal harmone.  If it checks out he can fix it.  Today he was testing to see if the pituatay gland was failing to put out the stimulating harmone for the adrenal gland.
Well it took a lot of prayer to keep the roads clear so I could get to the hospital  But the awful storm that was forcast dumped north and south of us and the temp got up to 37 so I was safe to go.  This was surely an answer to prayer since all the schools were closed and snow was dumped all around us, north and south, but we were spared at least until tonight.
We went to the admitting desk and waited our turn.  They took my information and then sent us to the express check in, where we waited again.  Jim said, "This is express?" Finally they went through a few thousand questions, and sent for someone to take me to my room, where again more of the same and a few different questions were asked.
Next they started trying to get the vitals, taking BP laying down, sitting up and standing.  By golly they were different for each position , the lowest when I stood, which surprised me.  Next was setting up all the needles, and the drip. Since I was fasting I figured that was to keep me alive as I could no longer have even water.  For the next several hours it was draw after draw, and saline cleanses of their equipment in my arm in between.  I had the feeling that maybe this gal  was related to the keystone cops.  She kept finding she didn’t have something she needed and would have to run out and find whatever it was.
Then was the time for a fire alarm so someone ran up and down the halls slamming doors.  It kept peeling its loud clangs a long time, then stopped and started again.That was okay but our room got too hot so Jim opened the door to let the cool air in as apparently the problem was finished.
At last we were told we could go home, but first I had to take a steroid through my veins to see how I reacted.  After 30 minutes they let us leave.  I asked the nurse if this would mean I couldn’t play for the Mariners this spring, but she just laughed at me.  Gee, am I now a criminal?
We went to a mexican restaurant for dinner.  Three men at the next booth were talking about how to get guns illegally, what numbers to file off, where to get bullets.  Was that ever scary!!!  Well, now we wait for answers and Jim is out with one of his buddys.  He deserves it for sticking with me all day.  They don’t go to bars, well the coffee bar at Border’s  Book store.  I sure hope they have their usual good time.

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3 Responses to A Day in the life….hospital fun

  1. JaAG says:

    A busy day before the 5 inches of snow closed the city. My puppy luvs the snow soooo much.

  2. Bertie says:

    We have about 8" of snow here. I\’ve never lived in a city where all the exits were closed down except one. And the freeways shut down too. The police closed the entry ramps with closed sign and and cones, but people kept going though that and couldn\’t get to the freeway because of the slope so the police put a tape across the road. They could have run that too, but didn\’t.

  3. Beth says:

    Hi Bertie, I hope the results from the tests are all good ones. I have plenty of snow of my own and now our forecast is for is ice. Take care!!

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