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This is the way it was.

It was 1968 and several good people were running for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of our Nation.  We lived in Iowa and I was selected to be a voting delegate at the convention.  Because of that there were … Continue reading

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Ode to Ayesha

It has been three days and it still hurts so badly.  I still look for her everywhere.  It is so hard to accept that she is gone.  But I am trying to remember the good times, and honor the sweet … Continue reading

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More of our experience in the Hoosier State.

One memory was very embarrassing for me.  There was no nursery in the church so younger families like us took our young ones with us to services.  Seven families had had babies about the same time that we did.  One … Continue reading

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And the family became three.

Our first car was a 1936 Ford coupe.  We had to have a car so Jim could call on people, but we didn’t have much money.  You know the saying "poor as church mice"! Well someone found this car for … Continue reading

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Back home in Indiana

It was 1954 and 1955.  Our little home in Indiana had a huge central furnace in the basement.  We had to buy and put coal in it, hoping not to put too much or too little because that would change … Continue reading

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Our first real home.

The first manse we lived in was a relatively new small home.  It was on two acres in Shannondale, Indiana.  We moved there just weeks before our first child, our daughter was born.  We had almost no furniture.  Another minister … Continue reading

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So this is the way it is!

This is a bit of our recent history that leads up to the present.  My husband worked at Microsoft until he was 73.  We gave him a huge non retirement party for his 70th birthday and all of the family … Continue reading

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