Lining up the fun things!

This is a topic I have not written about in the past.  I haven’t done much in the way of hobbies for awhile because of the fatique issue, but now with the CPAP I am feeling so much better.  I love to do puzzles, all kinds from the newspaper, and jigsaws.  I enjoy games but DH doesn’t like them so I watch our Mariners baseball games alone.
I enjoy writing as you know having read some of my book of family history.  I love reading.  Quilting is a hobby too. 
I used to be a gardener but we can’t do that outdoors here at our townhouse.  I used to have indoor plants but that went away with the fatigue.  I now have a Christmas Cactus that is many years old.  It loves the window sill it lives on.  And I have a small orchid in that same window.  We grow grass for the cats in the window.  I plan to go back to my African Violets soon.
I suppose computer work is a hobby too.  It is certainly fun when you have contact with friends all over the world that you can talk to whenever.
Graham challenged me to a Scrabble game which might be fun but I have to figure out how to do that.  Graham lives in Manchester.  Do any of you know know if that is in England or one of those in this country?  I would guess my husband, cats, kids, Grands and Greats are hobbies too, but they are much more than that.
So these are my thoughts tonight.  Tomorrow will be church and I do enjoy that.  We have a wonderful pastor and lots of people we care about there.  And then we’ll eat at the Brittish Pantry which is also a good experience.  Then the work is going through the Sunday Newspaper.

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2 Responses to Lining up the fun things!

  1. Beth says:

    I used to have a lot of hobbies when I was young. Along with working a full time job and raising 2 kids I still found time to do crafts and knit. I still knit once in awhile but my time is mostly taken up with other things now. Have a wonderful day tomorrow Bertie.

  2. Dana says:

    I will pray for you to find yourself again, discover new hobbies and experience all the joy that can be squeezed out of a day and night! I lost my hobbies too so I thought "what did I love to do at age 12?" Bike riding and swimming. I started my water aerobics class last week and am asking for a bike for my birthday LOL. I also enjoy stitching for some reason, it calms me so I\’m going to go get me another one of those embroider pillow projects at the craft store. ALso I have fresh mint and herbs and will be buying the soap base at the craft store to make my own soaps. (You microwave the stuff and add whatever you want and pour into little plastic molds so fun!) So I hope you find yours. Alot of hobbies are sitting hobbies which might be good for your fatigue. Hit that craft store maybe that will help too! Good luck with your quest.

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