Ode to Ayesha

It has been three days and it still hurts so badly.  I still look for her everywhere.  It is so hard to accept that she is gone.  But I am trying to remember the good times, and honor the sweet little pal she was.
She had been dumped and all summer she would walk on top of our fence.  But if I opened the door to give her food she was skittish and ran away.  On an October Saturday that Jim and I were standing in our garage talking when she came up to us and rubbed our legs.  I picked her up and she purred.  Jim said "she’s ours".  We spent the afternoon trying to find a vet that would check to see if she was safe to put with our other two cats.  The animal clinics close early on Saturday.  We finally found an emergency clinic and it cost a lot but he okayed her health.  I put her in the downstairs bath with tha door closed so the cats could get acquainted under the door.  Then we took her to our vet on Monday.  He guessed she was between 2  and 5 years old.  She was so little the vet said she wouldn’t have survived the winter if we hadn’t adopted her.  She only weighed 6 lbs. 
Jim named her from a Psi-fi book meaning, "she who must be obeyed".  Ayesha was a beautiful blue point Balinese.  Her eyes were a deep blue.  Her purr was so soft that it was hard to hear it.  She settled in.  She slept every night between my knees in bed as I slept on my side.  She would jump up on the bathroom counter when I combed my hair in the mornings and then climbed on my shoulder to hitch a free ride downstairs for her breakfast.  She always met us at the door when we came home.
Ayesha was a lap cat.  She kept excellent time, because she was always around at the time for snacks or feeding.  She loved the water fountain we had in the living room and did most of her drinking there.
When I wanted her and she was upstairs, if I started singing she would run downstairs, jump on my lap. and look into my eyes.  Then she’d lay on my lap and purr.
I used to tease her and sing, "how much is that doggie in the windoe" or "Oh where oh where has my little dog gone", but she knew she was loved.
Her last illness and death was so fast.  The vet said that was usully the way with renal failure.  He said that is what causes deathe in most older cats.  He also thougt she was older than we thought, Possibly 17 to 19 years old.  We had her 12 years.  She was strictly an indoor cat with us, but sometimes I’d carry her outside and we walk around enjoying the cool early mornings.  The vet offered to take her back into the clinic so I wouldn’t have to see her die.  But I felt I owed it to her to be her comforter to the end.  I was aready crying, but I don’t think she minded.  I bawled for two or three hours and still cry inside most of the time. 
How on earth do these little animals get into our hearts and and become so much of our lives.?  The only time I remember crying this hard was when my Dad died.  A pet isn’t human but they become your fur family.  We almost take them for granted until we lose them.  Ayesha will always be in my heart and I so hope there is a rainbow bridge, and we will reunite someday.  And I thank her for twelve beautiful years that she lifted our hearts and gave us her love.

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5 Responses to Ode to Ayesha

  1. Beth says:

    Oh dear friend, I am so sorry to read this. Ayesha was beautiful and she loved you just as much as you loved her. You gave her 12 years of total happiness.Bertie, I am sorry I lost track of you. I had to leave facebook because of a virus on my facebook account. I won\’t go back to facebook again as it is to dangerous. You are on my messenger list now so if you ever want to chat just let me know. I am on central standard time which is 2 hours ahead of you I believe.

  2. JaAG says:

    She was always there to meet us at the door and will so be missed.

  3. Carryl says:

    My heart is breaking for you. Yes, I know they are not human, but they are always by our sides in our hearts forever. I presently have 7 indoor babies and have lost so many my heart must have a thousand cracks. All we can do is our best and more, they do so much for us. Carryl, (from one of the groups you are on.)

  4. Bertie says:

    Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and comments.

  5. Chris says:

    Oh i am so sorry about your loss, i know how you feel, i lost one of my cats \’\’Tigger\’\’in Jan 2008, that\’s him in the picture on the left, he was 12yrs old and he had cancer in his mouth, i had to have him put to sleep, i stayed with him untill the end and it broke my heart, he was a very loving cat, we just have one cat now and that\’s Meg, she\’s 8yrs old, we had a dog \’\’Lassie\’\’ who died from a heart attack 8yrs ago……….our pets give us so much love and understanding but we know there will be heartbreak one day.Chris.

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