And the family became three.

Our first car was a 1936 Ford coupe.  We had to have a car so Jim could call on people, but we didn’t have much money.  You know the saying "poor as church mice"! Well someone found this car for us but it didn’t have a transmission.  We paid $300 for it for the car.  We bought a used transmission from a junk yard and the owner told us how to put it in.  Jim did most of the work.  But one night he came into the kitchen to tell me he needed my help.  So I went out and crawled under the car to put some screws in a place that Jim’s larger hands couldn’t fit.  Well he got the car to work and it served us well while we had it.
Our first baby was due on April 12.  The night before April first our baby began setting up exercizes and the doctor said I should call Jim to come home.  A nearby neighbor and his wife insisted I stay at their home and he would meet Jim’s train.  So in the middle of the night.  Jim and I lay together in a twin bed.  I relaxed and fell asleep.  My brother in San Diego said later that our baby  was playing an April fool’s joke on us.  In those days we didn’t know the sex of the baby until it was born.  So that whole weekend whenever we had time, we drove that Ford over all the bumpy roads we could find.  All was calm.  Then on Sunday night , Jim said, ‘you know I have to go back to school tomorrow night don’t you, and I said that I did. 
That night I had put my hair up- in curlers and we went to sleep.  Around midnight there was thunder and lightning and a big storm.  We got up and then Jim went back to sleep.  I had these funny little waves of something that I could time.  I took my hair curlers out and began reading a magazine.  About 5 am I woke Jim and said we’d better head for the hospital which was 25 miles away.  The rain was pouring and that night two barns in the area burned down from lightning strikes.  But at around 7:30 am our little daughter was born on April 5, still a week early.
There was another big storm that happened sometime during our stay in Indiana.  It was on a Saturday,  The wind was blowing very hard.  We were debating whether we should go to the basement.  We were watching trees a half mile away bending double.  Jim said he thought we were okay.  Well we were okay, but the next day at church our parishioners who knew about storms like that were all talking about going to their basements.  This was all new to me because we never had storms like that ihn San Diego where I grew up. 
So hopefully tomorrow night I’ll add some more adventures in Indiana.

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