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How to get rid of the ugliness and hate, Everyone hates to endure for a year and a half, every two and one half years.

  Everyone hates what they call an election year, that actually begins a half year earlier.  It is mean spirited, ugly, sometimes nasty, and we get so sick of it.  It makes one ashamed of the candidates, question what our … Continue reading

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The View From My Window

A couple of weeks ago I took four pictures of the beautiful view from our bedroom window.  Our autumn colors were late this year, probably because we had had a lot of rain.  The trees and the birds have been … Continue reading

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Politics As Usual— or not?

A frind of mine pointed out that I hadn’t written here since X-mas.  I didn’t realize it had been that long.  Today I feel like commenting on the health care reform.   Our President was elected because the majority of … Continue reading

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A political request to the news media.

This will be short.  I wish  when the news people report about things our president is doing that they would give reports of people who support his actions.  They immediately give the republican view which is always negative.  Obama is … Continue reading

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Since politics is on the top of everyone’s mind these days, I thought I’d say I hope everyone of you votes the right way and for the right people. (b g)   When I was in the 6th grade, we … Continue reading

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Our language

Some nights, I am just too tired to write, but this did go too long.  Early this week I felt very sad about Peter Jennings losing his battle with lung cancer.  We liked all three major news anchors, and they … Continue reading

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