Our language

Some nights, I am just too tired to write, but this did go too long.  Early this week I felt very sad about Peter Jennings losing his battle with lung cancer.  We liked all three major news anchors, and they all seemed like friends after all these 30 some years.  (Dan Rather is my age)  I heard Peter on his last broadcast and thought maybe he had a cold …. until the end when he announced he would be off for treatment of cancer.  I’m glad that if he had to pass on now, at least he didn’t have to suffer for years.  But it was still a shock. 
I am a person who loves words, and especially when they are put together well.  I read a lot. (In bed nightly until sleepy and morning newspapers)  I appreciate news people who use words correctly and with care to impart their message by proper choice of words.  I love Scrabble, crossword puzzles, cryptoquotes, and other word games.  Our language can be beautiful, but too many people change it with shortcuts, or lack of interest in checking for correctness of a word in writing or in speech.  Thus I have appreciated Peter, Dan and Tom.  Now all are gone so I wonder who will replace them.

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One Response to Our language

  1. Karthik says:

    The smiley shud have been this: :(instead of this: :)…..:DThese days even appropiate use smileys is also important,just like words…what do you say?

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