How to get rid of the ugliness and hate, Everyone hates to endure for a year and a half, every two and one half years.


Everyone hates what they call an election year, that actually begins a half year earlier.  It is mean spirited, ugly, sometimes nasty, and we get so sick of it.  It makes one ashamed of the candidates, question what our country has become, and pits families and friends against one another, possibly damaging relationships beyond repair.  We wonder how these people who don’t seem to understand what’s at stake, (usually any who disagree with our viewpoints).

We are told that over one billion dollars has already been spent on election ads.  Yet people made up their minds early and only listen to the party that agrees with their thoughts on the matter.  A few do listen to both conventions but a lot don’t, not even with their own party.  They already know how they’ll vote and are fed up with the whole ugly process.


I have a solution.  It will never happen but I believe it would work.  First, no ads would be allowed until 6 months before the election.  At that point, no one would be allowed to say anything about their opposition, be it person, persons, or party.  They may only tell what they would do if they were elected, and/or their own qualifications.  They may give only their views.  No trying to say what the other side is thinking or believing or doing.  That is something they can not honestly know anyway.  It would have to be a law with some kind of penalty for abusing it.


With this law in place we will no longer have to be ashamed of the picture our leaders are  painting for the whole world to see.  And we won’t have to see the snarls on faces during the campaign every time we look at newly elected officials. 


We need to regain pride in our country and become the world leader again that we once were.  What we are seeing now is not worthy of us or our government.  So I present this as a request to stop this foolishness now, and never allow it again.  So our election will be an intelligent process and the result  will reflect the values that the majority of the electorate feel will best represent the will of our people.  The money that would have been spent, (that billion dollars) could be placed somewhere that will help our people or the world (medical, scientific,education or?).  Let us have elections in keeping with our faith and values.  Oh, please don’t make us go through this again.  ( I believe this is the worst campaign in our history)  God help us all, and continue to bless our country 


                                                                                                                            My Pacific Beach 2From Sea to Shining Sea.





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2 Responses to How to get rid of the ugliness and hate, Everyone hates to endure for a year and a half, every two and one half years.

  1. Gandalfe says:

    Tell it like it is Mom.

  2. Laura says:

    So true. I’m getting very apathetic anymore.

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