The View From My Window

view from my window 3view from my window 4

A couple of weeks ago I took four pictures of the beautiful view from our bedroom window.  Our autumn colors were late this year, probably because we had had a lot of rain.  The trees and the birds have been very happy.  Squirrels are scrambling around gathering what they need for winter.  Life is good.

I like the title I have selected, because it suggests how I may feel about many things.  I am saddened to hear that we lost Andy Rooney today.  He was a curmudgeon, but he often put into words, the things we were thinking and gave us pause to laugh.

I have a great niece who started college on a scholarship at Un. of Northern Kentucky.  She asked the question on Facebook, “Where has Thanksgiving gone?”  She said they started advertising for Halloween in August.  Now it is over and, well they actually began advertising for Christmas in early October this year.  But no mention is made of the importance of giving thanks and sharing with family and friends in this very important tradition.

I have already set the clocks back to begin our semi-annual time change.  I used to hate this when our children were little because they were used to their bedtime and it took a week or more for them to adjust to the new time, both in Spring and Fall.  Now it is just another routine.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and that is a big day for us with church and choir and fellowship,  Then there is an evening small group of us who study the Bible.  Last week we visited a friend in Hospice after church.  She is almost 92 and has bone cancer.  So sad.  We love her and her husband and pray for them.  A mutual friend made her a bright pretty prayer quilt.  That was such a nice thing to do.

So these are my thoughts for this evening.  Hope you all have a nice Sunday too.  My window view is still pretty.


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2 Responses to The View From My Window

  1. Gandalfe says:

    It is amazing how soon the media started recommending where to spend our Christmas dollars. You know it’s bad when I notice it. But the fall colors are stunning and we are looking forward to our day of thanks, sitting down with family and of course, the annual Scrabble game.

  2. Beth Marie says:

    Lovely thoughts from a lovely lady! The view from your window is beautiful. what a treat to stand and look out the window at something so spectacular.

    Thanksgiving is a forgotten holiday as is Veteran’s Day. Shame on society, so caught up in the money involved with Halloween and Christmas that these other important days just slip by.

    The fall colors here are beautiful too this year.

    Thank you Bertie for the prayers for my family and for me.


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