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A day in the life, and a holiday coming.

It has been a while since I wrote.  We kind of got swept up in small groups at church since Jim is an ordained minister a few friends want him to come to theirs.  I have to admit I find … Continue reading

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A few favorite Books.

My DH came to me a couple of hours ago and asked me a funny question.  He was updating his profile on a site that does book reviews and needed to list three of his favorite books.  He had a … Continue reading

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The sounds of music

I wonder if music brings memories to others as it does to me?  My husband set me up with Pandora and while I work on my computer I can play my favorite songs.  With each one I can mark it … Continue reading

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For Miki: Choir Recording

This is the choir at the Redmond Presbyterian Church where I sing as the only second soprano. My son Jim took this video last March.

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Fall to Winter and family.

Suddenly it is November.  Snow is predicted for the mountains tonight.  We have had the most beautiful fall that I can remember.  Our Maple tree outside our window was a brilliant red.  From the upstairs window I could see it … Continue reading

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Joke I heard today at church

Some people were very upset about our law that you have to be a natural born citizen to run for office in our country.  One person exclaimed that that was unfair to those who were born by C-section.     Pretty bad, … Continue reading

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