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A Few Days in The Life – – –

I guess I’ve missed a few days, so I’ll just give a few thoughts that don’t necessarily fit together.   We babysat the two grandchildren again this week.  The new Lab puppy had doubled in size.  He’s such a good … Continue reading

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A Prayer for the Future

When will it ever be over?  This painful time when men or women who might be good leaders for our country and those who might be bad for our country spend their time trying to say things bad enough about … Continue reading

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Once again, Once again.

I vowed I would never go on another diet.  I had been on them all.  After yoyo-ing for many years and adding about three pounds after the diet was finished, even with MD’s, I told my lady Doctor, no more.  … Continue reading

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Cat Mysteries

Since my DH and I have three cats who are our fur family to keep the nest from being too empty, it stands to reason that I would like cat mysteries.  I have read all of the usual series as … Continue reading

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One day in the life.

This is for my daughter, Deb, who waqnts me to keep writing.  I miss her and look forward to her upcoming visit in October.   Yesterday, her Dad and I babysat two of our grandchildren.  Our Daughter-in-law’s sister in- law … Continue reading

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We got caught today.

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which means I am slipping further and further behind even on things I want to do.  Today we didn’t set the alarm and I slept until 10:15 am.  That was 15 minutes into our summer … Continue reading

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True Stories are Often Stranger Than Fiction

My husband is an ordained Presbyterian minister.  For 15 years we served in National Mission churches, which means in small towns where they could not support a minister on their own.  One of those churches was in Sigourney. Iowa with … Continue reading

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