A few favorite Books.

My DH came to me a couple of hours ago and asked me a funny question.  He was updating his profile on a site that does book reviews and needed to list three of his favorite books.  He had a senior moment and couldn’t think of them.  I reminded him of Elizebeth Peters and her Egyptian novels, The Chinese Judge Dee books, Isaac
Asimov’s books and a few more.  He said that for him favorite means he would enjoy going back to them.  He liked the Harry Potter books but wouldn’t read them again so they didn’t qualify.
This got me thinking about my favorite books.  There are way too many to name.  I usually like the mystery genre, but read others too from time to time. My definition would be different, in that I probably wouldn’t reread them, but watch for each new book the author puts out.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Earlene Fowler’s books are wonderful.  She has a series about a woman and her family and friends in San Celina, Calif.  Each one has a title of a quilt pattern.  She has done a few unrelated books that are equally good i.e. "The Saddleman’s Wife". The title put me off a bit but it was wonderful too by a really good author.
I read all of Elizetbeth George’s books about a New Scotland Yard  officer who solves Brittish mysteries.  Her books follow the same main characters who are intelligent and gripping an I love the land descriptions of places I’ve known in England.
I like several series of Cat stories.  The Cat Who series by Braun is probably the most well known, and I’ve read them all.  But now we are wondering if they are being ghost written as they are different.  The author must be very old, as her first book was about 65 years ago.
I also love Mary Stewart’s books.  So many good books out there.  I’d love to hear some of the favorites of my friends.  Reading is so much fun.  It extends our world and knowledge.

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3 Responses to A few favorite Books.

  1. Beth says:

    Ok, you asked and here goes.  I love to read.  I fell in love with reading when I was a small child in a large family.  My first true love was Little Women.  Now I am hooked on murder mysteries.  There is a new author, John Sandford that I like very much.  I like Tess Gerritsen and Beverly Barton to name just a few.  I average 2 – 3 books per week and I am one of the libraries best customers.  LOL

  2. JoAnn says:

    My love for reading came about during the 5th grade. If the whole class did all their work with passing grades for a particular week, on Fridays the teacher would read to us.  The first book she read was Tom Sawyer and she put her whole heart and soul into that reading.  If, however, one person did not make a passing grade, we were not read to.   The rest of the class always had it out for the person or persons who did not pass!  I love John Grisham books, Jonathan Kellerman (the Alex Deleaware novels). From time to time BethMarie has recommended good authors in her blogs.  She has yet to be wrong!  Have a good day, Bertie.

  3. Rambling says:

    I love reading more than many.  I am always reading.  I love Mary Stewart books as well,  There is nothing she has written that I have not read.  I also loved the gentle stories that Elizabeth Gouge wrote.  I love history, historical novels, and certainly I have read Lillian\’s "The Cat Who…." series.  I have noticed that the last books seem canned in a manner of speaking.  I think they have become perhaps formulaic in nature.  She is n her 90\’s I believe.

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