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The Happiest Time of my Life

There were so many happy times in my life, that it is next to impossible to pick one.  But I have decided on one from my early childhood, and then I will briefly mention a couple of others. It was … Continue reading

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Teaching in the Midwest

My story tonight is the reason I didn’t become a teacher, and how I became a teacher anyway, and loved it. This began about 77 years ago. My Dad had been a high school English teacher, before he became an … Continue reading

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Song ‘God Bless America’

Every time I hear this song, my eyes tear up as they did the first time I ever heard it. World War 2 was a time that affected every American, both with loyalty and love for our country, and sadness … Continue reading

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1936 ~ 0ur New Car

It was 1936. I was not quite four years old. Dad and Mom had purchased a brand new car, a pretty blue Ford. Our old Franklyn that someone had to turn a thingy in front well and run back, jump … Continue reading

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Our Grandfather’s Grandparents in Van Buren, Arkansas

As our last story ended, Robert Beane Scott, and his wife, Mary Ann Roark Scott, with their children had made their final move.  They had moved from Tennessee to Indian territory that later became Oklahoma, and lived there for awhile.  … Continue reading

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When I was a child at girl scout Camp Tapawingo, in the San Diego mountains, one of my lifelong friends decided to b…e funny, and put a whole bunch of dried up leaves in my bed for a surprise that … Continue reading

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Beulah Scott Fry and Family–Part 2

As we begin this part of the story, Beulah and John are still in their family home.  Their children are off with their own families.  Betty Ruth and Ross Banks with their children had moved to Seattle where Ross had … Continue reading

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