A political request to the news media.

This will be short.  I wish  when the news people report about things our president is doing that they would give reports of people who support his actions.  They immediately give the republican view which is always negative.  Obama is trying to do what he was elected to do but people only get the negative reaction and not the positive so people’s response is often fear or misunderstanding.  It just seems unfair to never show the thoughts of both sides of every issue. 
One interesting observation is that ugly happenings get top billing, same ole same ole day after day for weeks on end, even when there is nothing new, same person crying and saying the same things.  So they could cut back on that and give a fair accounting to what most of us want to know about.  I wish I knew who to write to to make this suggestion.
We had our National Neighborhood  Night Out tonight in our little park.  We hire Armadillo Barbeque, the best in the area to serve ribs and chicken, cornbread, potato salad, cole slaw, set up out of their wagon oven.  My job is to order the two large chocolate cakes, and serve them up on small plates with plastic forks from
Cosco.  We usually have around 150 people and probably had that tonight.  Everyone brings their own chair and drink.  It is really a fun time to meet your new  neighbors and greet the ones you know.  The fire deportment and police and ambulance drivers come and often show the children their vehicles, police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks.  Last year the fire truck turned on the hoses for the kids.  I think a good time was had by all and the weather was very nice with gentle breezes.  Afterward Jim and I took leftover food and cake to the fire station and police department for those on the night shift to enjoy.

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2 Responses to A political request to the news media.

  1. Beth says:

    As far as your political request, forget it. You know the news media is going to say whatever sells.The neighborhood night out sounds like such fun. BBQ chicken and cornbread, I love it.

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