More of our experience in the Hoosier State.

One memory was very embarrassing for me.  There was no nursery in the church so younger families like us took our young ones with us to services.  Seven families had had babies about the same time that we did.  One couple had twins.  On this particular Sunday, our baby daughter started fussing a bit.  I thought I could quiet her down but didn’t have a chance.  My husband said from the pulpit, "will you please take that baby out?".  I did and later asked him about it.  He said the other babies didn’t bother him but ours did.  I never believed that for a minute.
There was an elderly gentleman in our church whose wife had died recently.  This man wore a bright orange wig.  He was not someone I felt I could be comfortable with.  One day, Jim said he would like to invite this man over for dinner because he was lonely.  I didn’t want to do this.  I reminded Jim we had a young baby and I was concerned about cleanliness.  Jim thought that wasn’t a particularly Christian attitude and I had to agree.  So we invited him and he came.  We had our meal and then were talking together in the living room.  He told us how his deceased sister came to him whenever he had a serious problem.  She would sit on the side of the bed, he said, and talk to him until he had his concern worked out.  After he left, I asked Jim if he believed this.  Jim said we didn’t really know one way or the other did we?  So I figured he was right.
A few weeks later this man was struck in his car by a train and killed.  Jim had the funeral.  A couple of weeks later there was an estate sale.  Since we still didn’t have much we went and were able to get some garden utensils like a hoe, a spade and a couple of different kinds of rakes.  After the sale was over we were told that nothing was stolen except his bright orange wig.  That seemed so strange that anyone would want that.
Our church reminded me of that old movie, ‘I’d climb the highest mountain".  We had the annual church picnic in the summer.  I had Deb in a Taylor Tot. which was a metal version of a stroller.  Some of the older children liked to push her around in it and play with her.
When Deb was about six months old I became pregnant again, or as people said in those days I was "in the family way".  More next time.

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  1. JaAG says:

    Dad did that to me once. I was wrestling or something with a brother and creating a ruckus. Dad called that out in the middle of a service and I was so embarrassed. Shortly thereafter I "got" to sit with the Goldwaiths every Sunday during the service. They always gave me a nickel to put in the offering and after the service I was often given a roll of lifesavers (candy). One time they invited me to dinner after the service where I had my first taste of venison.

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