So this is the way it is!

This is a bit of our recent history that leads up to the present.  My husband worked at Microsoft until he was 73.  We gave him a huge non retirement party for his 70th birthday and all of the family was there.  Then for the first time Jim took a real vacation at the occasion of our 50th anniverary.  Again family and friends came to an open house at son Jim and wife Suzy’s home.  Then the family went to Long Beach, Wa. to a bed and breakfast.  Jim and I had a special suite with an extra room.  In the evening all the family gathered there, played games, and sang to accompaniment of Peter’s guitar. 
Well the upshot was that Jim decided he liked being relaxed, enjoying life, and when he got back he resigned giving two weeks notice.  They asked him to stay the month so he agreed to do that.  His bosses said if he ever wanted to come back they’d take him.  I thought that was a wonderful way to leave.
We have lived in Redmond, Wa. 17 years which is the longest we’ve lived anywhere in our marriage.  We’ve lived in our townhome for 12 years. We have three sons and family living nearby.  Once or twice a year Deb and Peter come to visit so everyone gets to be together.  My brother’s son Dean now lives in Seattle.  His fiance just finished her work at Univ. of Wa. and starts her internship as a hospital Pharmcist.
As I’ve said before, we have 14 grands and so far 3 greats.  We are the seniors and it is kind of a weird feeling.  You never think about getting old until you get there.
But we feel truly blessed.  And the weather has cooled off again.  We actually got some rain.  So this is the story of a workaholic who learned that there is more to life than work. 

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Retired and luvin' it.
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One Response to So this is the way it is!

  1. JaAG says:

    Seems like we moved to the Pacific Northwest just last month to me. In all my travels with the military, this is my all time fav. It\’s not just about the climate, it\’s also about the people and the access to entertainment like theater and concerts. I could live elsewhere more cheaply, but I don\’t think I\’d be as happy. My goal is to work until I\’m at least 65. :o)

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