Our first real home.

The first manse we lived in was a relatively new small home.  It was on two acres in Shannondale, Indiana.  We moved there just weeks before our first child, our daughter was born.  We had almost no furniture.  Another minister friend aand his wife sold us a new Beauty Rest matress and spring set because it was too firm for them.  So we had a bed.  The first purchase we made was a Frigidaire, because I told Jim we had to have it to keep baby food safe.  So Jim went to the credit union at Seminary and borrowed enough for the refrigerator.  Some one gave us a small table to eat on.  The kitchenette area had a cute little corner builtin for dishes.  When Debby was born the congregation took up a collection for a new sofa and matching chair.  And my parents sent all of our wedding gifts.
We had baby equipment.  We had bought a nice crib and mattress.  One of Jim’s aunts had broken her wrist before we moved south.  I had stayed at her house for a couple or more weeks to help with her two young sons, both around 3 years of age.  After that her husband insisted on giving us a small crib, a bathinette, a playpen, and a nice little table that acted as a high chair but could be converted to a play table when Deb got older. They didn’t think they would need them again.
That first summer a farmer sold us a calf to raise for food on one of the fenced in acres.  Unfortunately we even named her.  When it was time to sacrfice her, that was very hard for both Jim and me.
One day two elders from the church came on the manse property with guns, hunting.  I got enough nerve to ask them to please not shoot around the manse.  We had a baby and a cat and me who didn’t want to be in the line of fire in an accident.  They nicely oblidged us.
During this time Jim was finishing up at the Seminary in Chicago.  He spent four days at school and three days with us in the field.  I went to Frankfort on Friday evenings to meet his train.  There are more interesting things that happened there so I will follow this topic for a few days.  Hope you like it.

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