Our local protectors- a true story

They were handsome and oh so nice, the three fireman running around our house at almost midnight.  They didn’t even wake my dear husband.  I didn’t call them at first as I didn’t want to bother anyone that late at night.  It all started around 10 pm when I turned off the light after reading and I was sooo tired.
Suddenly the Carbon Monoxide alerter started a loud piercing warning.  I jumped out of bed and pulled it out of the wall plug in, found the reset button, pushed it, and then plugged it back into the wall.  That had worked only time this had happened before.  But this time it didn’t work.  I tried again.  It still didn’t work.  I woke up DH who got out of bed, pulled it out of the wall, set it on the floor, climbed back in bed and went back to sleep, after saying do what you think is best.   The thing kept screaming and sometimes a steady shrill shreak.  I got up plugged it in again and tried the reset button again with no good results.
I lay in bed feeling more tired by the minute.  I thought of just taking it to the garage and letting it shreak out there.  I thought, well if the reset button doesn’t reset, maybe there is carbon monoxide in here.  The first death in this housing development was a woman who committed suicide by running her car in a closed garage.  When the firemen came they said this gas was so thick in the other 4 units of her building too, that even firemen in masks could not go in safely so they had to wait.  Fortunately no one else was killed.  I so wanted to just go to sleep, but didn’t want it to be my last sleep.  I wondered if my heavy tiredness meant there was gas present.  I thought, "Why have a detector if you aren’t going to heed the warning".  So I got up and went downstairs to see if our cats who usually slept with us, but not now, were still alive.
The cats were fine.  So I took a phone book and looked up the phone number of the power company.  I just wanted to talk to someone who could tell me what to try to figure out if I really needed outside help.  They didn’t answer their emerency number and a recording said to call back tomorrow during business hours.  So I tried the non emergency number of the fire station and got a similar message.  So I bit the bullet and called 911.  I said I don’t know if this is an emergency but my CM Detector is going off and I need to talk to someone who….. She interupted and said I needed the firemen with a gadget that would tell if we had a problem.  She asked my address and name but had already rung them as we talked.  As the station was about 6 blocks away, I figured about 3 minutes.  She said to open windows and wait outside.  I ran upstairs and opened two windows on a very cold night.  DH was still asleep.  Should I wake him? Nooo.
I ran back downstairs and shut off the burglar alarm and unlocked three locks on the front door.  A huge firetruck arrived then.  Red lights were filling the darkness in many directions.  Three firemen rushed in heavy coats and followed me upstairs.  Dh slept through it all.  They determined that it was safe enough with a reading of 11 there and 9 downstairs.  To be dangerous it needed to be over 30.  Finally one of them brought the alarm down and said he thought it’s problem was a low battery.  Since it was plugged into the electricity and we’d had it for 8 or 9 years with out a problem, I had no idea that it even had a battery.  I had a new one of the size needed.  So they fixed it.  It no longer beeped.  And I could go to sleep safely.  I thanked them profusely, and apologized  for what seemed to me to be a false alarm.  But they insisted that it was okay.  They said they were the ones to call and they were so nice.  They left.  I plugged it in and went to sleep at 12:30 am.
This morning I told my DH what had happened.  He started teasing me saying he bet that was an expensive way to get three firemen to change a battery for me.  Yeah. 

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3 Responses to Our local protectors- a true story

  1. JaAG says:

    It\’s always something isn\’t it. Good design would have mandated a low battery indicator. Go figure. I think you did the right thing.

  2. Rambling says:

    Love what your husband said but too…I am glad you called 911. You never know and the thing is not to take any chances.

  3. JoAnn says:

    I\’m also glad you call 911. Better safe than sorry. I\’m surprised your husband didn\’t wake up! On the other hand I\’m not – my husband is also a very sound sleeper. Have a great evening Bertie. Hugs

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