Game and life.

Since Jim Jr. hasn’t brought you up to date, let me tell you how the Scrabble game turned out on Thanksgiving Day, and I’ll also give you an update on a hope to find a cure for my CFS.
I was determined to win because I hadn’t won since the first game and this was unacceptible to my pride.  Well, I almost made it.  Suzy and I had the same numbers count at the end, but she ran out of tiles first so I had to subtract my one tile for a count of four.  So I didn’t make it.  But then there is Christmas and hopefully another game.
Today I went to see the Endocrinologist again to get the results of the tests he had run two weeks ago.  I was so afraid he’d say they showed nothing but hoping for an answer.  Well, I still have hope.  There were no promises and more blood tests and another two weeks to wait.  The tests showed my adrenal gland may be under performiong so he is doing further tests for that and the pituatory gland and another different T4 thyroid test and cortisone, whatever that is.  If these tests confirm a glandular problem then I can treat it and get well.  He also said I was low on vitamin D which I take 400 g in my multiple vitamin and in milk.  So he wants me to take 3000 g and thinks that will help me feel better too.  So I hope this is the problem confirmed so I can be well again.  I am praying hard for this.
It was another pretty, rainy day here today.  But there hasn’t been enough snow in the mountains for the ski runs to open.  So a lot of people younger than we are, are disappointed.  This is unusual.  The Christmas tree that my daughter gave me is so pretty.  I just love it with the multicolored lights.

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