A New Community

It was at Tullys early this morning.  I had to drive DH to his 6:30 men’s Bible Class because he wanted to carry his laptop computer along with his books so he didn’t want to walk.  We have to get there at 6 am and he meets a lady friend there named Trish.  We sat with her and as other regulars came in they would greet one another by name and have short discussions about things of common interest.  After Jim went around the corner to his class, I read our paper and watched some of the people gather in comfy seats around the fire and chat.  It is a regular community of interesting people with interesting lives and backgrounds.  They are of different ages, young and some gray haired elderly folks.  I thought about how nice it was that they had all those friends there.  Friends are what makes our world so much more interesting and adds a richness of comraderie.  I have often seen men sitting alone reading a Bible.  And there are young men working at computers.  Jim’s friend Trish goes to a health club for morning workout and then comes to Tullys where she drinks her coffee and reads a newspaper.  It is a little city within a city.  I found this quite interesting,

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3 Responses to A New Community

  1. Beth says:

    Good Morning Bertie,Sounds like you live in a great place. I am glad.Have a really good day!

  2. JaAG says:

    Some people build community where ever they go. :o)

  3. JoAnn says:

    Sounds like an awesome place to meet with friends. I\’m glad you and your husband have that. Hugs

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