There she is!

Well, I took my dear husband in with me to help look for the missing feline.  I went through the routine of feeding a couple of hungry felines, little wild cats is what they are, but oh so sweet.  They didn’t talk so much this time but Theo always acts like he is starving to death.  All cats know how to pull human strings.  They were laughing too, because we couldn’t find Dharma.  I changed their water as I do every few days because it gets fur in it.  Then watered the plants and scooped the litter.  Then I began the most thorough search ever for the missing Dharma.  Jim looked all the time I was doing the other chores and even went into the closed door rooms, but no Dharma.  Just when we were about to give up,  Jim called me into the dining room and there behind the curtain in the north window sat our little Siamese friend.  She said, "I guess I showed you, ha, ha".  She just grinned while I petted her and she said "I’m not afraid of you, but you aren’t my people so why should I bother entertaining you.  You leave my food and that’s all that matters".  I said okay, if that’s the way you want it.  So we parted as friends.
The construction isn’t anywhere near done here.  There is a big meeting of the HOA on Monday night to tell the people all the things they found that were done wrong, and figure out where to go from her by the building.  I do not want to spend my birthday doing that, but I do want to see the pictures of what they found in our unit.
We are having perfect weather, low 70’s to mid 50’s.  There is no rain in sight.  Your pictures are wonderful.  I race to the computer every afternoon to see if there are more.  I didn’t realize you were going to Estonia too.  What a wonderful trip for you all.

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One Response to There she is!

  1. mary says:

    Bertie,i enjoy reading your blog very much. I think of you and Jim while all the construction is being done on your home and pray it will end soon for you.I sure hope the meeting will be informative and reduce the concerns.Glad the c-pap is working out for you.Your neighbor Mary

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