Our furry family members

Jim and I have 3 cats because we both have always had cats and love them.  Now we are told that pets make you live longer, a nice bonus.
Every cat has it’s own distinctive personality.  And it learns how to get it’s way with you early on.  They also keep time, and come and tell us when it is time for their canned food.  They start by sitting and staring.  You can pet them and they purr.  But if you take too long getting up to feed them they begin their plaintive meows.  Ours expect a small treat at bedtime and when we first get up in the morning.  We take all the meds that doctors have prescribed for us, and then give them their little bits.  By then they have jumped up on the bed expectantly.
Ayesha is a tiny little thing, a Balinese Blue Point.  She was a stray that some one dropped off or she got away.  We watched her all summer and she was skittish so we didn’t try to feed her.  But in October jim and I were standing in the garage, and she came in rubbing our legs and purring.  Jim said "she’s ours".  The vets said she was between 2 and 5 years old.  That makes her between 14 and 17 now.  She slips a lot when she jumps and shows her age in other ways.  But it is so funny, that when I sing, she comes running and gets right up to my face.  In winter when I wanted her for a lap warmer, all I had to do was sing and she’d run downstairs and jump up.  I liked to tease her and sing, "how much is that doggie in the window?"  She didn’t seem to mind.
Willie ( William of Orange}  and his sister Tillie ( Matilda) joined us as 8 week olds in 2000 when we lost Tolliver and SiRacha of old age.  Willie and Tillie were supposed to be tabbies, but they grew up to be biggg, Maine Coons.  Willie, of course , is orange and the friendliest and only fellow.  But his tail is always curled up over his back and the tail touches the middle of his back.  I call him my teapot as he looks like he has a handle.
Tillie is what they call silver in color.  Sne is beautiful and very dainty.  She learned well from her feral mother to be afraid of everything.  If a car door closes out front she is upstairs in a steak like lightning.  Some times Willie will run too but unless there are children he will usually come back.
So this is our fur family.  They are spoiled with love and petting and intertain us with their antics.  So this is the story of the nest that emtied out 5 children, and brought in 3 cats.  

About Bertie

Retired and luvin' it.
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2 Responses to Our furry family members

  1. Beth says:

    Lovely post Bertie. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. JoAnn says:

    What would we do without our pets? They\’re pure, unconditional love. I enjoyed reading about yours – thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend, Bertie!

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