Cassie Starbright

About three weeks ago Cassie came to live with us.  She was a young adult from a rescue agency. Collar of Hope out of Bremerton, Wa.  I found her on a program called that my DIL suggested.

The name she came with was Tinkerbell, but having had a Tinker in the long ago past, I renamed her Cassie Starbright and we call her Cassie.

Cassie’s story was sad. She had apparently gotten pregnant on her first heat.  Her owners from eastern Washington no longer wanted her and turned her into a rescue place.  The kittens were all adopted but no on wanted this beautiful girl.  She was then moved to Collar of Hope. 

When we got her she smelled like motor oil, and her coat was stringy looking and had some kind of oil or grease on it.  I took her to our vet to check everything out.  She was healthy, neutered, and had her shots and the impregnated ID chip.  He prescribed a bath with Dawn soap which they use to clean up birds in oil spills.  He said it would cut the oil but had something soothing to the skin in it.  So Cassie had a bath that night. Then I began combing her.

Cassie loves to be petted and sometimes rolls over to get her under side petted too.  This is our new love, but Ayesha whom I lost to old age will always stay in my heart too.  There is no limit to love.


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6 Responses to Cassie Starbright

  1. Beth says:

    A lovely post Bertie! Cassie Starbright is beautiful! She is such a lucky gal to have been adopted by your family.

  2. sunee says:

    Hello Bertie…The photo of your cat is soo lovely, I also love cats, I have two they are the best mousers!Have a wonderful week…….Sunee

  3. Bertie says:

    Thank you both, Beth Marie, and Sunee. She\’s a real jewell.

  4. JaAG says:

    Cassie is such a lucky kitty and cleaned up so nicely. And she luvs company. :o)

  5. Deb says:

    That is a really good picture of her. I miss you all. Love, Deb

  6. Anne says:

    Hi Bertie, Yes I read this story. How did Cassie like her bath? I have only bathed a cat once and it was painful! Cassie is gorgeous – she is so lucky to be in your home.

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