libraryWhen I was a child at girl scout Camp Tapawingo, in the San Diego mountains, one of my lifelong friends decided to b…e funny, and put a whole bunch of dried up leaves in my bed for a surprise that night. Well. I got the real surprise when I broke out with that awful, painful, red itchy rash. Mom said when I got home that washing my clothes with other people’s clothes in the family would spread it to them. So she had to wash mine separately, several times. And we had to keep putting stuff on my legs. So I was amazed to see my husband so free with the stuff.

When we moved to Sigourney, Iowa, for him to pastor the church, one of the things he discovered was that the boy scouts were not an active group because none of the adult men wanted to head it up. Our church sponsored a troop as many churches do. So he started them up again and he was Scout Master for a while as he got other fathers interested also. Then he turned it over to the fathers and the boys. But when camp time came, Jim arranged to go with them to camp. It was supposed to be for a week. But about three days later a car drove up, and unloaded my husband. I was surprised but they showed me his legs. They were covered with the largest blisters I had ever seen, and some had blood in them.

He apparently was on a hike and didn’t know he was walking in Poison Ivy. When I say blisters, I mean some were four and five inches long and at least a quarter to an inch high, ugly and mean. I got him to the doctor and he had to be off his feet for several days. He was in misery. He did not ever pick up Poison Oak or Ivy again, and he watched out for it to make sure he avoided it after that. They say that all is well that ends well, and so far neither of us has had to go through that again. I taught our children early what it looked like, so they could avoid it too. We were all alert for it when ever we were in woody areas. The picture here was Jim at that time in his life in his office in the manse next to the Sigourney Presbyterian Church.

So this is my story tonight. I wish you all a comfortable sleep in a cool house and a day of happiness tomorrow.

Sleep well and enjoy tomorrow. God bless. Hugs.


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