Beulah Scott Fry

JohnFryFamily2The life (as I knew it) of Beulah Scott Fry: Beulah was the daughter of Noah and Phoebe Duty Scott, and sister of several including our Grandfather, Andrew L. Scott. She was married to John R. Fry who was foreman of the Mill for Magma Copper Mining Co. in Superior, Arizona. They lived in a nice home on a hill that looked down to the town. The home they lived in had a nice screened in porch on three sides of it. They lived there all of their married life and had three children, John Jr., Scotty, and Betty Ruth.

Aunt Beulah was one of those born cooks, I think. She really knew how to cook and to bake wonderful pies and other desserts. She was active in the Presbyterian Church early on, but later became Baptist. When the children were older, she became very active in the Baptist Women’s Organization of the state of Arizona. Like all of the Scotts I knew, she was talented, kind, a good mother, and a true Christian.

When we visited them, maybe once a year, we all would sit out on that porch after supper, looking south and watch dry lightening. I had never seen it before as a child and hadn’t known there was such a thing. In the summer when it was very hot, the boys slept out on that screened in porch so they could feel the cooler air of the night.

Uncle John took me to the Mill once and showed me where the trains came up out of the mine loaded with rock. His men then separated the rocks and began processing them. He gave me one little rock. The copper rock was blue and had sparkles of gold color and green and other colors. It was very pretty.

John Jr. grew up to be a large boy as a teen. He was in the military during WW2, and caught a serious tropical disease. Then he was in the Navy hospital in San Diego for a long time. He lost a lot of that weight and was very thin. The disease would never be cured and would come back on him off and on through his life. His first wife was a Music Teacher. They had two or three boys and then had a daughter named Christina. She was a real joy to them. But one evening the family was ridning in the car, John always drove a bit fast, and it was very foggy. Some drunk truck driver had parked his huge rig in the one lane and gone into a bar. John crashed into it. Christina, about 8 ( or 18) months old was killed, and Betty was severely injured and was in the hospital for a very long time. The boys in the back seat were okay. John had an interesting and very national life which I wrote about in an earlier blog on this site if you want to read it.

Scotty grew up to be a school Principal in Phoenix. He married his high school sweetheart, Francis, and they lived in Phoenix and raised their family there. Scotty was an avid golfer for his recreation.

Betty Ruth went to college in Arizona and fell in love, but somehow that fell apart and broke her heart. So she came to live with us and attended San Diego State College. She attended our church and married a young man who was also active in our church. They had four children when I last saw her. One of her daughters had a severe reaction to the Red Measles and it affected her brain. She could not take care of herself. She lived about 16 years I believe.

I have introduced you to Aunt Beulah and her family. There is more to this story which I will write on this blog tomorrow night. I will include a picture of the Fry family tomorrow night. It includes the five of them, and Wee John, as John Jr.’s first child was called. Wee John was the first grandchild of John Sr. and Beulah.


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  1. Beth says:

    This is so interesting Bertie. What a treasure trove of information you are leaving for future generations!

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