Angel, Miracle, or What? (a true story)

It was Easter Sunday morning around 1962.  My husband was pastor of two churches, 25 miles apart in Iowa.  There had been many services that week, both in our churches and in our communities.  As we were preparing for the morning my husband said he was so tired, he was worried about getting through both services.  I told him that since his day off was Monday, if he’d hang together for the two services, I’d make arrangements for our family to get out of town that afternoon and the next day, which I did.

That afternoon we loaded our five young children in the car and headed out of town.  I drove so he could rest.  We headed west to Winterset, south of Des Moines, and then headed south into Missouri. When we reached the first major highway going east, there was a motel.  I went in and asked if they had an accommodation for our family.  They had a mobile home which had two bedrooms, one of which was in the north end of the trailer, and at the south end was the living room area with a TV.  Jim slept and the kids watched TV far away enough not to bother him.  That night I put four of the kids crosswise on the double bed and made a little nest in the closet space for the youngest with a sliding door to keep him from falling out.  Perfect.


The next morning we headed east in Missouri not knowing where we were headed.  We saw a sign advertising the “word’s largest cottonwood tree”.  Jim said, “Let’s go see that.”  So we kept going as it was quite a way ahead.  Somewhere along the way, our middle son said, “Mom, I’m carsick”.  I pulled off the road fast fearing the worst.  As I did a car came over the hill at high speed trying to pass a string of cars going west on the high way.  He was in our lane.  We had just missed a head on collision.  Jim and I gasped as we realized what a near miss it was.  I then turned to my son to tend to him, and he said, “I’m not carsick anymore”.  And he wasn’t. 


We continued to the turn off to the big tree.  We had to walk a long way to get to it.  But we did and took pictures.  Then we headed back home.  Now I ask you was it an angel, a miracle or what?  Something saved our lives.  I have thanked God ever since.  It could not have been coincidence in my mind.  What do you think?

Christmas 1962


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4 Responses to Angel, Miracle, or What? (a true story)

  1. Tricia Hopkins says:

    your dedication to the Lord and to your family allowed you blessed insite..Praise God ! you’re all still here and blessing many more of us..hugs

  2. Karla Rozell says:

    What a blessing and true miracle

  3. Laura Glass says:

    well, I am married to the man who was the middle child and he is an angel, I have to go with miracle

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