Prudence as a baby with her father, Andrew Lee Scott 1912Edgar Rozelle with Bertha Glass

This is Grandfather with my Mom when she was a baby in 1912.  The second pic is me with Edgar Rozelle, Mildred’s husband, and Anne’s father at their home up Hywy 59 from Grandfather’s farm.

Steve, Anne and Robert Marion.Prudence and Dean Dugger's 50th Anniv.  Cake made by Steve Marion. 1980

This is a picture of Steve, Anne, and Robert Marion.  The second pic is of my Mom and Dad celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with Arkansas Family.  Steve Marion made the cake.  My parents were on their way to Minnesota for a celebration with my family, Edgar and Alma, and Jimmy Scott and wife.  It was held at a beautiful restaurant on a wooded river near St. Peter, Mn.  The restaurant was a private club we were able to belong to for only $10 a year.  They had excellent food and very decent prices.  The owner was the father in law of John Denver.

The scenery was beautiful with birds and deer, and trees and water.  Service was excellent.  With our kids and spouses plus family there was a good crowd.  When my Jim got up to go pay the bill, he was told that it was already paid.  He said that wasn’t possible.  But it turned out that Uncle Edgar and Jimmy Scott had already paid the whole bill.  What a family!

This is a shorter story tonight.  I hope you enjoyed it and that the families pictured in my stories see them.


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  1. Beth Marie says:

    Very nice stories and photos Bertie!

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