My memory of my aunt, Grace Scott Thomas

Bert_pic0004Grace, Edgar, and PrudenceGrace, grace and Gladys

This is a picture of Grace Scott Thomas,  fourth child of Andrew and Bertha Spear Scott, and sister to Ora, Edgar and Prudence and all the other Scott brothers and sisters.  She was married to Arl Thomas whom she loved deeply.  They had five children,Gerald, Wally, and Charles, Arlene and Joyce.  She was a wonderful cook and taught me some simple recipes which I really appreciated.  To most of the family, she was known as Mug.  But Mom wanted my brother and me to call her Aunt Grace. 

One time when I was visiting, after the war, She and Arlene and I were on a walk to the store.  She asked me if I would give Joyce, who was then around six years old, a permanent.   She knew that I had done that for all the San Diego family during WW2.  She said Joyce had had a beauty shop perm and it had turned out frizzy and Uncle Arl said she wasn’t to have any more perms.  I said sure I’d do it and decided which brand and kind would work best for her hair.  I gave her the perm and thank goodness it came out beautiful so Uncle Arl was not unhappy.  He liked it too.

One day we got word that Uncle Arl had gotten up to shave one morning and dropped dead of a heart attack.  He was too young for this to happen.  He was a truck driver and a member of the union and had paid for insurance out of every paycheck.  But the Teamsters refused to pay her anything.  So Aunt Grace had to work at the store for low wages to raise her family.  She must have done a fine job, because they are all fine people and I think the world of them.  I never really knew Wally and Charles as well as the others, but they were always at the meal table when we were there. ;o)

As the years passed, I had married and moved away from home, but always visited her when I was in Arkansas.  She lived in Ft. Smith.  One time when I was there, my Mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She and I talked at length about that and talked on the phone to Mom.  That night we all thought it would be minor, but it wasn’t we found out later.  Mom had to have a double mastectomy.

Then later she and I talked on the phone often as her daughter, Joyce, had bone cancer.  It was so bad she couldn’t be moved home to Arkansas, so ultimately one of the family members took her there where she stayed with Joyce until she passed away.  She also was too young. ( the locale was somewhere along the gulf coast like maybe New Orleans but I don’t remember exactly where.)  She knew how much I loved Joyce and Arlene so we kind of went through that together.

Aunt Grace loved all of the family equally.  She was an admirable lady.  She lived a long life but had rather serious memory loss during the last years  But her family loved her and took care of her.  I will put  more pictures on this that include Aunt Grace. Eileen, Grace, and JimmyMiddle top is Grace, Edgar, and Prudence.  The third is Grace Thomas, Grace Farmer, and Gladys, the Mom that raised them.  The one below, is Eileen, Grace, and Jimmy Scott.


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4 Responses to My memory of my aunt, Grace Scott Thomas

  1. Laura Scott says:

    Do you know why she was called Mug? Debbie and I were visiting her one afternoon instead of going to the movie. During the conversation Deb asked her and the story was great.

    Please share if you know. If not, let me know and I’ll share.

  2. Bertie, I found the Beach gal Bertie blog tonight. Good story! – Charline Dixon

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