Andrew Lee Scott ~ 1903

imageGrandfather met Bertha Scott Spear in college. They married and had four children together. They were Edgar, Ora, Prudence and Grace. When my Mom, Prudence, was 4 years old and Grace even younger, Bertha Spear Scott died of blood poisoning. She was ill for a while and Granny Gladys helped with the children and cared for her. It was a while after her death that Grandfather Andy married Gladys. Gladys then became Grandmother to all of us and she was a wonderful lady., and she worked very hard to be a farm wife and raise a large family. She treated everyone like her own. She had John, Randolph, Billy Ray, Gene, Jimmy, Jackie Dean plus Mildred, Beulah Lee, and Betty Rea, plus a couple of babies she lost. So this was the beginning of our immediate relatives. In the future I’ll tell you more of what I know of our immediate family, and also some about Grandfather’s history. (Did you know that his great Grandma smoked a pipe? I have the picture to prove it. ;o)

This is a special picture of my grandfather, Andrew Lee Scott around 1903. Isn’t he handsome? He was someone special to everyone with Scott blood in them. Therefore I am sharing it with all the family members with love. Courtesy of a book Lee Rozelle gave me. Thanks, Lee.


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2 Responses to Andrew Lee Scott ~ 1903

  1. Beth Marie says:

    I love old family stories and photos!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day Bertie!

  2. Cullen Scott says:

    What’s the name of the book?

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