A Tribute to Willie (William of Orange) who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat. ~Tay Hohoff

cats 2009 017Willie came to us with his sister Tillie (Matilda) at eight weeks of age in Oct. 2000.  They joined Ayesha, a blue point Balinese girl who had adopted us.  This was our fur family for many years.  Then Ayesha passed, and after a while we adopted Cassie, a blue point Himalayan.  This has been our fur family for the past few years.

Willie was such a friendly little fellow, and he bonded with Jim who was then retired and could spend time with him.

Baby Willie 2000  Willie says this lap is ok

Willie won our hearts.  He loved to play.  He was always around us.  He kept track of us and his sisters.  He loved to sit in the window to watch birds and squirrels.  He was a happy kitty and such a joy to us.  He took a liking to our granddaughter, Samantha, when I babysat her in the daytime and when she was 1month on, Willie would lay next to her in her little baby holder as if to protect her and keep her company.

cats 2009 016  ayesha and willie

Willie slept on the bed with us, usually on Jim’s side with Tillie on mine, and Cassie on the chest at the foot of the bed.  Willie had learned to wake up Jim at 7 in the morning to take his medicine.  He was such a good kitty.

Then last July he became ill.  The prognosis was not good. 

We kept him, and pilled him, and I put enzymes in his food.  We had eight more months with him but then his last two weeks he went down fast, and no longer had any quality of life.  He cried all of the time.  He was hungry all of the time but projectile vomiting was keeping him from getting any value out of his food.  We wondered if he was also in pain.

100_0203It was such a hard decision, but we made it with our vet, and decided to let him go.  He went very peacefully in my arms.  The Vet and her assistant were wonderful and kind.  I bawled the whole time but they were so understanding.

We will love you forever, Willie and thank you for the years of happiness you brought us.  I pray that our furry friends are waiting for us and we will see them again when it is our turn to leave this plane.  God created these little critters to be our fur family, and He must love them too.  Surely He knows how dear they are to our hearts.  Goodbye little friend.


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2 Responses to A Tribute to Willie (William of Orange) who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  1. Beth Marie says:

    I am so sorry to read this about your beloved Willie. He was a very handsome pet and I know you are heartbroken that you had to say goodbye to him.

    My niece in WV had to make the same decision this week concerning one of her dogs. She is very distressed over it.


  2. Sandra Wyman says:

    What a beautiful tribute, Bertie. It is so hard when they leave you…

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