More about the 1930’s

1930phoneThe first telephone we had was black and on the wall in the hallway.  Our number was 640.  Much later it became Humboldt 82-640.  Later in the 50’s it became a completely different number beginning with Broadway instead of Humboldt. 

During World War 2 we had party lines.  One of our neighbors was in the Marine Corps. and lived with his wife.  We could hear everything they said and they could hear us.  If there was an emergency, we were allowed to interrupt and ask them to free up the line for the emergency.  They did a lot of swearing which was shocking to my brother and me.  After the war, private lines were restored.

thumbnailCA7K7L11We had milk delivery in the ‘30’s.  Milk came in quart jars.  Cream rose to the top.  If we wanted whipped cream, we poured it off.  If not, we shook it up before each serving.  In school during lunch, we were served milk in 1/2 pint jars.  All were wider at the bottom rising to a much smaller neck.

eggbeatersThere were no electric mixers.  So we had an egg beater.  It had beaters and to make them work, you turned a handle around and around.

When you wanted groceries, you called in to the local grocery store and give them your order.  They would soon be delivered.  There were no markets.  At Christmas my brother and I walked to the store and picked the tree we wanted and it would be delivered.

Children walked to school usually picking up friends on the way.  It was a safe way for young people to develop a feeling of independence. 

These were from such a long time ago, but still fun to remember.  Maybe it will help some child with homework in the future.  <smile>


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One Response to More about the 1930’s

  1. Beth Marie says:

    I don’t remember anything from the 30s but I sure remember all of those things from the 40s. I enjoyed this post Bertie. Thank you!


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