The Moods of the Ocean

Yesterday afternoon, we arrived home from our mini vacation at Seaside, Or.  It always feels so good to get home, but we did have a wonderful time.  Our room overlooked the ocean.  We saw the moon and a couple of planets on two nights.  We had storms for two and one half days.

We stayed as always at the Shilo Inn on the Prom.  Here is a picture of it from out in the water.  It is the five story one at the left.


We discovered that since the last visit, the city of Seaside had a new ordinance against feeding the birds or any wildlife. This was a bit of a disappointment for us, but I still got some nice pictures of the seagulls.


044  043

I was able to get pictures of one sunset, and several of the storm’s moods.  Since this was probably our last trip to Seaside, I was rewarded with a rainbow over the ocean, and one over the town.


053  059

The food, mostly seafood, was excellent.  It was also very bad for a diet with way too much tasty fat.  Our daughter, Deb, and I also had a few desserts which were out of this world.  Now it will be hard to go back on the diet, but since I lost 25 lbs. last year, I really want to lose more.  I’m motivated.

Deb and I walked on the sand.  I was barefooted and loving every minute of it.  I even went into the cold water just a little way.  Then I beach combed in the water where the tide was coming in to gather Sand Dollars for Deb.  Others had already cleared the dry beach sand of them.  She found a couple of pretty pieces of wood too, to take home to Minnesota with her.  I so wish I could do that every day because it is one of the best possible exercises, and one I would do.

If you are reading this, Please leave a comment so I will know you were there.  Last year the tally was over 1400 hits, and about 12 comments from family and one friend.  Yet people have told me they read them all.  We get credit for those who make comments.  Thanks.

On the trip. a good time was had by all.


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2 Responses to The Moods of the Ocean

  1. Gandalfe says:

    Wow, you are getting really proficient on your blog. ;0)

  2. Beth Marie says:

    A great post Bertie.

    Your trip sounds like so much fun. The photos are wonderful! I have never been to California. I always wanted to visit there and now the chance of that happening are slim to none. LOL

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