Granddaughters Are Extra Special

Josie 2011 2 When I was a child, I wanted a sister but didn’t get one.  When my daughter was born, I hoped she would have a sister, but we were blessed with four sons to be proud of.  So I received more girls when the sons got married.  But then out of fourteen grandchildren, six of them were girls.


Josie, the first one came to visit us once when we lived in Chihuahua, Mexico.  We had a lot of fun together, playing games, and she liked to “fix” my hair.  We played hopscotch and did other girl things.  She was born in Germany so I missed her first year.  She was Jim Jr. and Suzy’s daughter.

The next was Krystal Glass, born to son Peter and his wife.  I did enjoy her babyhood before we moved to Mexico.  She is now in College working on a Masters in Nursing, and cares for children with cancer which is one of the things she would like to do.Brandee and Krystle Glass sisters

Her sister, Brandee Glass, followed and I remember holding her the first time and thinking about where she might go in life.  She is in College at the University of Texas and is a good student.

                                                                 Brandee & Krystal

Then in 1991 Jane Claire came to Mike and Nan.  I got to babysit her a few times as we then lived near her family in Washington.  I remember when she and I watched Disney movies how she loved to pull a small blanket over her head and pretend she was the princess.  Definitely a little girl thing!  Now she is in her second year of college at Washington State Univ. in Pullman.   She has now changed her name to JC.                                                                      

Then came Angela, born to Peter and his wife in Texas.  I was with them when she was born.  She was a sweet little girl and I loved holding her and singing to her.  She is now doing well in middle school.Jane and Samantha in Calif.2011

Angela nov.13,2010Angela       Jane & Samantha

And the last was Samantha Jane who is in 5th grade.  I took care of her for the first few months of her life while her parents worked.  It was so much fun to cuddle her and sing to her and do all the baby things.  She used to climb on a chair reach my piano keyboard, punch a button for automatic play, and then dance to the music.  She is now a very good soccer player. She was the child of Andy and Lori.

I get to see Jane and Samantha, who are pictured together, and Josie more often than the others because they live nearby.

Having granddaughters is wonderful, and watching them grow into beautiful young women is a true blessing.  I wish them all the joys and happiness life can bring them.  I am so very lucky to have such beautiful and talented girls in my life now.  Aren’t they they pretty girls.?  They will never know how much they mean to their Grandma, (me), until they are grandmothers too.  God bless little girls and the young ladies they will become.


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3 Responses to Granddaughters Are Extra Special

  1. Beth Marie says:

    Your granddaughters are all beautiful. I can understand why you are so proud of them/


  2. Gandalfe says:

    I wonder if the grands are gonna see this?

  3. angela glass says:

    i look so cute thos is angela 🙂

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