What’s in a great grandchild?


Matias and his #1 Mom.Jan2012Matias is our fifth grandchild.  He looks a lot like his dad did at that age, but he looks like his Mom too.  He belongs to many generations of two families, hundreds of  people just a few generations back.  We think he is a beautiful child.

Along with a gigantic past, this little boy represents a future unknown in a very uncertain nation and world.  He already shows signs of intelligence.  We pray he will enjoy school and learning, and reading.  We pray that he will be exposed to art, such as singing, or playing a music instrument.  We hope he will find as he grows up, where his passion is, so that he may work in a field that brings him excitement, fun, and a good living.  We also hope he will be a Christian, because we have seen no other rules for living that make for a peaceful, secure, and honest grounding for life.  (He will need to learn what it means before he decides this.)  Also he come from many generations of Christians all the way back to Scotland and England, and Germany long ago

In the present, Matias is a happy, and much loved little boy.  This is one of the best assets a child can have.  Both of his parents love him and each other.  That gives him a good psychological grounding for all of the above.  He has his Grandparents, our son Peter and his wife Laura, and his other grandmothers to love him.  He also has us, senior seniors, who really love him and care.

Amber   Nick 2011b

Above are pictures of two more of our great grandchildren, Amber and Nicholas. Below are two adopted at birth great grandchildren, that are also beautiful, happy, and smart little people. Meet Addie and Asher.

Addy and Asher


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2 Responses to What’s in a great grandchild?

  1. Beth Marie says:

    He is one handsome little fella. I wish all of the same things for him Bertie!

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