Christmas in the Northwest

view from my window 4Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. This season finds us enjoying the beauty of our city and state. I especially enjoy being close to the ocean and mountains. We have two mountain ranges to view, depending on whether you are looking east to the snow-covered Cascades or west the Olympic Mountains. South we see the looming Mount Rainier and north Mount Baker.

imageThis year my children surprised me with a wonderful 80th birthday party. So many people showed up; children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nephews, and more. The party was held in a private room in a top-notch restaurant. The food was fabulous and the company even better. It will be a memory that I will treasure forever.

80thBirthdayQuiltI received the best possible gift in the world in addition the presence of the so many loved ones. It was a beautiful quilt which was made of a square from each member of my extended family.

The project was conceived and executed by my daughter Debby. I can imagine it was like herding cats for her to the all the materials out, collected and returned for the final product.

Jim and I also enjoyed a follow-on trip with Debby to an annual train show in Portland. We then went to our favorite ocean shore vacation in Seaside, Oregon. Debby drove for us. One of the highlights there was feeding the seagulls.

Jim and I still enjoy the activities in our church. We has so many good friends there that help fill our days with good conversation and fellowship. Jim teaches a men’s bible class, assists with the church sound system, and we both participate in two other classes. For me, the highlight is singing in the choir.

imageThere was so much happening with family that I think I’ll just call out some grandchildren and my fifth great grandchild. Grandchildren Brandy, Crystle,  and Mark imageare my son Peter’s children. Little Matias is Mark and Brianna’s child and our fifth great grandchild.

These are relatives that Jim and I have not seen for many years. So it was an extra special gift for my 80th birthday to see these very special people.

imagePeter married a lovely college librarian named Laura and they live on a ranch outside of Austin Texas.  They have traveled extensively this year, even beyond attending my birthday celebration. The cruise last month was to the Caribbean. Laura son, Scott and daughter, Tia are in the picture to the left.

There was so much happiness this year that I will save more for the next post. Jim and I wish you a Happy Christmas and a very joyful new year.


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4 Responses to Christmas in the Northwest

  1. Beth Marie says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Bertie. After reading this post I realize it brought you so much joy. How wonderful to see family that you don’t get to see very oftern, You have a very lovely family and I know they treasure you just as much as you treasure them!
    The quilt is lovely and filled with memories.


  2. Gandalfe says:

    So much joy for just one year. Makes you look forward to the next! :O)

  3. Laura Scott says:

    May the first 80 be only the beginning of your journey. Perhaps, we will be blessed and able to visit in person again.

    Merry Christmas!! God bless!!

  4. Bertie and Jim Jr worked on the Christmas letter. I just stayed out of the way.

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