58 Years and Counting (or happy ever after)

100_0115It has been many years since Jim and I spent a year apart while he put his first year of grad school behind him in Chicago and I finished my last year of collage in San Diego.  We wrote every night.  I managed to meet the mailman almost every day.  We were in love but were doing what we needed to do.

At Christmas I gave him a nice fountain pen set and a picture of me.  He sent me an angora sweater and a picture of him.  Phone calls were expensive then so we only talked on the phone about three times

We were married in May at my home church in Pacific Beach.  Jim’s mom came to the wedding from Kansas.   We worked in San Diego that summer.  Then we went to Kansas to meet Jim’s family.  From there we made a trip down to Arkansas to meet my grandfather and other family.  Jim’ sister, Norma, went with us on that trip.

Then in September, we moved into an apartment at the seminary Jim was attending.  That was the first of many moves for us.  Jim always had good jobs and though we were never rich, we never went hungry either.

We were blessed with a daughter, and four sons.  They have all grown into intelligentOur family long ago 2 people whom we can be forever proud.  We have fourteen grandchildren who are blood related, and eighteen if we count grandchildren by marriage.  We have six great grandchildren and eight if we count by marriage.  I love reading about their lives on Facebook, and when we get together.

So Jim and I now qualify as being old.  He is now 81 and I am 80.  But in our hearts we are no different than when we were in our twenties.  But we have many experiences and happy memories to keep us young at heart.  We feel lucky to be in reasonably good health and able to continue loving each other every day.

Browning wrote the classic poem. “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be, the last for which the first was given.”  So true.

Our family, all except Mike.


About Bertie

Retired and luvin' it.
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3 Responses to 58 Years and Counting (or happy ever after)

  1. Beth Marie says:

    Congratulations Bertie. This is a beautiful post. You have been truly blessed with a lovely family!

  2. Bertie Glass says:

    Thanks, Beth. I appreciate your comment.

  3. Gandalfe says:

    Keep writing Mom. You have so many stories yet to tell. :O)

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