Quilts made with Love

imageTo continue from the previous post, the things that bring pleasure to me, and I hope to my readers are several.  I found a fabric that had cups of coffee. a coffee server and chocolate pieces of candy.  That had to go in.

I found fabric with pictures of birds, including hummingbirds that I feed now.  I even have binoculars by my seat in the LR from which I try to identify my Hummers.  Did you know that several types of birds that didn’t come here in the past, such as hummingbirds, do now.

The color blue will be prominent in this special quilt because I love the color blue with a passion that only blue-eyed people understand.

imageReading is a great joy.  I read myself to sleep each night in bed.  I especially love mysteries, and cozy’s.  I’m not into very violent ones.  And I read novels.  I’ve found that to read something I want to learn from will keep me awake, so that has to be saved for daytime study.

I also enjoy many crafts, but due to time and the fact that life and age have slowed me down, I have to limit these somewhat.  I love sewing, and knitting and embroidery, and glitter.  Oh yes, there will be glitter on some of the squares.

There will be an angel or two.  And there will be a church.  There will also be a square with music notes because I love to sing.

I hope some of these thoughts and pictures resonate with you and remind you of things that you enjoy in your life.


About Bertie

Retired and luvin' it.
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One Response to Quilts made with Love

  1. Beth Marie says:

    I all sounds wonderful Bertie. Blue is my favorite color.

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