Quilts made from the fabric of life

Chrystal Pier in Pacific BeachEvery quilt I have made, I made for someone in the family. Now I want to make one for me. I decided it would be a quilt with squares of things that make me feel happy, Hoping that some might make my readers happy too. I will name some of the squares that will be in my king sized quilt, and in some cases tell why.

Some of the squares will have to do with the skies. As a child I used to fall into a field of wild oats and watch the clouds roll by. I would think about what their shapes suggested. They were usually white puffy clouds with perfect shading as perfect art. Also I loved the stars at night and the moon. These brought pleasure to observe, and to feel a part of our large universe.

My Ocean PB 2Next would be the ocean , and Seagulls, and salty smell with those negative ions that made people feel so good. I loved boats and fishing, walking out over a pier and looking out to sea or down into the water. I loved jumping the waves. Seashells were to be collected if they were whole. One can’t help but relax by the sea.

I loved animals, but especially cats and dogs. To this day, even seeing a friend’s pet brings joy of petting and interacting with them. Our cats are only indoor cats so they are safe from autos, coyotes, raptors, and other predators. Losing one is just too painful.

Flowers and trees, especially roses and evergreens were also a part of my favorite world.. Their fragrance is sweet and their petals and needles make them a true work of art. I also love trees when they are emerald-green with the joy of springtime. They almost talk to you with pleasure during the spring rains. It is said that if you lean up against a tree and relax, you will feel strength coming into your body.

100_0097Then there will be a cabin by a lake, somewhat rustic, but oh so beautiful and a wonderful change of pace retreat. A rowboat might be nice in this dream and good exercise too. There would be squirrels, and deer and other forest animals and birds. Having experienced this in our life, this too, will bring back memories.

So my quilt will have all of these and more. And I will be able to feel the square and let the happy moments return for a little while. They represent happy times in life, and appreciation of God’s gifts to us. I hope these may remind you of happy life experiences too. too.


About Bertie

Retired and luvin' it.
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2 Responses to Quilts made from the fabric of life

  1. Gandalfe says:

    Mom, you have fluff things on your bed. ;O)

  2. Beth Marie says:

    This is a beautiful post Bertie. Makes me smile to read it.

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