Spring Concert of Woodinville Community Band

 On a slightly rainy evening of March 26, 2011, we joined many others in the audience to enjoy a concert of the Woodinville Community Band.  There were 60 members and a fabulous director and together they gave us beautiful music on the topic of Earth and Sky.  Usually I like to have some familiar pieces and there weren’t any until an impromptu Sousa March at the end.  But it didn’t matter because this band is as good as any professional performance I’ve ever heard at Beneroya in Seattle. 

It was held in the Redmond High School Auditorium wher the accoustics are beyond excellent. 

During the concert I was thinking how these people probably started music education in the schools they attended.  It became a lifetime hobby and joy.  Our son, Jim and his wife Suzy play in this band.  They have even put a music studio in their home.  They still take lessons.  They get major happiness in music.  Like the other players, most have full time jobs in the real world.

It hurts to know that future kids won’t have the opportunity to learn and enjoy music because it doesn’t pay for itself like sports do.  Sports only last for a person until they get injured or too old.  Music is for a lifetime.  (My personal experience is choral but at nearly 80 years of age, I still sing and enjoy choral work.)

The people in this band practice once a week.  Not only do they enjoy the time together playing, but also when in concert, they bring joy to hundreds of people who also learned to love music in school.  

 How can our nation take this away?  What will young people substitute in place of the arts?  Will it be wholesome and bring pleasure to others?  I doubt it.

Well for us we may still enjoy real music but probably our grandchildren will not.  Boys are drifting to guitars.  But they can’t all be accomplished in that one instrument.  I hope our nation will wake up soon and give our grandchildren and great grandchildren a chance to learn the pleasure of music and the gift they bring to others.


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2 Responses to Spring Concert of Woodinville Community Band

  1. Gandalfe says:

    Nice post Mom. We luv having you and Dad come listen to us!

  2. Beth Marie says:

    Bertie, I had no idea you had a blog on wordpress. I will be stopping by to visit you.
    I love music, almost all kinds except rap and hard rock.

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