Winter at the Beach ~ 2011

Imagine going to the beach and seeing snow for the first time on the beach.  It blew in one night, about an inch it occurred to me that I had never seen that before.  The statue on the “Prom” is of Lewis and Clark who ended their expedition at Seaside, Oregon.

I found it interesting that those intrepid explorers began trying to extract salt from sea water. It would seem over a century or two later, we still haven’t figured out how to do that well.

Debby and the Sea Gulls.  There were hundreds of hungry birds.  We had brought boxes of crackers, and the birds were gloriously happy.  Deb took pictures of me feeding them but I don’t have those yet.  For the first time ever, of the some of the eager birds landed on my head and sat there.

I love the way the birds do their pecking order and seem to know as they hover in the air who can come forward while others wait their turn.  I toss the cracker into the air and the bird will grab it and fly forward so the next bird can take his or her turn. Then down below one bird was squawking his head off.  When I tried to feed him, other birds jumped in front of him. I tried to be fair and toss crackers in all directions.  There must be some bird psychology to all of this.

The reflection of sunrise caught my attention, talking to the artistic side of me. The sun was rising in the east and in this picture was it’s reflection on the clouds in the west.  This was a great vacation with our daughter, and her first time in Seaside.


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