Merry Christmas ~ 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

      The third person in the black shirt above is our Grandson, Mark who with Breanna (not pictured) will deliver our fifth great grandchild, a boy, in April.    Because all but two of our family are on line, we decided to join those who send their cards and letters on line.  Once again, we are delighted to hear from all of you, and to send our love and greetings to all of you.

Jim, g-granddaughter Amber, and me

As I write this the wind is blowing hard from the east which is rare.  We had our first big snow storm at Thanksgiving breaking records for Cold and amount of snow.  We broke records for heat several times in the summer.  But we do love the Northwest for its beauty year around.  Seattle is known as “The Emerald City”.  It is green year around.  The best thing about being retired is we do not have to go out in bad weather.

Norma, Jean, Jim, Meg and Max ~ the Glass kids

Jim had his 80th birthday in May, and all of his siblings came.  Deb and her brothers planned a fabulous time.  First a wonderful dinner in a private room of a very swanky Restaurant.  Then on Sunday, everyone went to church together.  In the afternoon there was a reception at church with a professional guitarist and vocalist playing Jim’s favorites, Country Western.  All of our great grandchildren were there, and all but fiive of our grand children, plus my nephew and his fiance.  Jim received two treasures from his past that brought him to tears of joy.

Krystal, Brandee, Aleisha ~ Peter’s kids

We have fourteen grandchildren and four Greats with one more soon.  I am having difficulty getting these pictures where I want them so I’ll just send it this way.  Many of you said you liked pictures, but I can’t put them all on.

Jim  participates in Bible studies with church friends.  He also enjoys showing his Z scale model trains at shows.  He belongs to a train club in Bellevue.

I am clerk of the Session, sing in the choir, belong to study groups, and belong to a group of women from the church in a book club.  I do enjoy Facebook as it gives almost daily contact with family and friends.

Jim and I get a lot of fun with our three cats.  They each have their own little personalities.  Willie and Tillie are 11 now and Cassie is almost 3 yrs. old.

We think of each of you with fond memories of times we shared.  We wish for joy and peace, and good health in the coming year.            Love from Jim and Bertie


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Retired and luvin' it.
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